Fantastic Dodge Cars Screensaver 1.0: Fantastic Dodge Cars Screensaver

Fantastic Dodge Cars Screensaver 1.0

Dodge Brothers Company in 1900 to supply parts and assemblies for Detroit`s growing auto industry, Dodge began making its own complete vehicles in 1914. You can: Change the seconds of the image duration. Change the item order to Sequential, Random or Shuffle. Resize the images to Fit Screen, Resize to Fill Screen, Stretch, etc. Add/Remove the transitions effects and the speed. Use your own playlist. Control the Exit Conditions, on Mouse move, Mouse

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Doddle WebPhone 1.2: Doddle is a free online SIP webphone for your webpage

Doddle WebPhone 1.2

Doddle you can pick a telephone wherever you go, it is accomplishing a new VoIP trend by enabling real time communication built into web sites. Doddle speaks SIP: Doddle relies on, like most of VoIP Providers, the widely used SIP protocol for setting up and tearing down multimedia communication sessions such as voice over the Internet so that the use of doddle with VoIP providers is obviously seamless (SIP compliant, it does not have to stream through

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Dodgeball Superstars 1.0: Hit your opponent with a ball without them being prepared to be hit by you.

Dodgeball Superstars 1.0

Dodgeball free sports game is one of rare arcade sports games where you have to deal with many players simultaneously. There are two teams on the playground. Each consisting of three celebrity players. Your goal is to hit your opponent with a ball without them being prepared to be hit by you. You you better move that ball fast among your team players to distract the opposite team and find a suitable victim for your next throw. Dodgeball

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SM Dodge Charger Puzzle 1: Fan of Dodge Charger? Solve this fun & challenging puzzle and win!

SM Dodge Charger Puzzle 1

Fan of Dodge Charger? Solve this fun & challenging puzzle and win!

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Dodge Bush 2004 2.0: Dodge Bush 2004 is another political game.

Dodge Bush 2004 2.0

Some call it interesting, some call it retarded and some call it great! Dodge Bush 2004 is another political game. But in this one you have to steer the head of President Bush in a way it stays safe from colliding with its enemies. One of them is his 2004 democratic candidate J.Kerry. Who the others are becomes pretty obvious once you start playing this game.

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Data Nuker Shred files, folders and more on your PC using US Government standards Securely

Data Nuker

US Department of Defence standards for file deletion (DOD 5220.22). Easily automate the cleaning process with batch files, shortcuts and scheduler. Completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Overwrites all bits in selected files, including cluster slack space, with binary 1`s, 0`s, and/or random bit patterns. Supports complete folder deletions including subfolders. Shreds

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Disk Wipe 1.5: Disk Wipe is Free Windows application for permanent volume data destruction.

Disk Wipe 1.5

Disk Wipe is Free Windows application for permanent volume data destruction. With Disk Wipe you can erase all disk data and prevent recovery of those data. Disk Wipe works with USB sticks, SD cards and other portable devices. Disk Wipe supports all file systems and uses an advanced shredding methods (Dod 5220-22.M, British HMG ,Russian GOST P50739-95, US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M (E) ...) to securely erase data.

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File Own Guard 2.1: Swift File and Folder Encryption and Secure Data Deletion Tool...

File Own Guard 2.1

useful ability to create Self-Extracting Crypt Archives. Such types of archives make work with data more comfortable and effective when e-mailing or using removable media. File Own Guard also achieves a secure removal of your sensitive data by overwriting the file before deleting it using one of the eight special algorithm (DoD, military or government approved), and then destroying the file size, cluster number, time meta data for that file, and

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LLCryptoLib 2.0.1024: LLCryptoLib provides methods for object-oriented cryptography software

LLCryptoLib 2.0.1024

us full shredding capabilities. It also offers methods for digital certificates and public key management. It is free for non commercial uses. It is free for students and academic purposes. Enterprise or commercial licenses must be purchased (see enclosed licensing options). It is engineered to be easy to use and standard compliant, fully compatible with ASP.NET Web Applications and Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET, Managed C++ .NET Applications. LLCryptoLib

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DiskDeleter 1.0.2: Permanently erase hard drive data on your computer to protect your information

DiskDeleter 1.0.2

DiskDeleter will securely delete hard drive data on your computer to protect you from identity thieves by 6 delete methods including DOD5220.22-M, when you want to sell your computer, when you want to discard your computer, when you want to return a computer to your employer. DiskDeleter is a unique product that does not require burning CD. Just Download and Click to run DiskDeleter to permanently delete your hard drive data.

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